Picture of Bat Masterson

The noted gambler, later lawman, Bat Masterson surveyed the town of Mobeetie about 1876. Born William Barclay Masterson in 1853, he was a buffalo hunter, United States Army Scout, surveyor, lawman, and finally a journalist. After fighting in the Battle of Adobe Walls in 1874, he scouted for Colonel Nelson A. Miles during the Red River War. In 1875-1876, Masterson lived at Mobeetie and worked as a faro dealer in Henry Fleming's saloon. During a gunfight with Sergeant Melvin A. King over a card game and a dance hall beauty, Mollie Brennan, Bat killed King. Bat was shot in the pelvis with a bullet fired by King that had passed through Mollie's body, killing her. The injury caused Masterson a permanent limp. He soon returned to Dodge City, Kansas where he was a lawman for many years. Masterson later moved to Denver and eventually to New York City where he was a sports writer for the "Morning Telegraph". He died at his desk in 1921 at age 67.