These bottles and other collectibles are a part of the VanZandt Collection. They were found at Old Fort Elliott. We have them on loan from the family. They are many and varied. Among them can be found the following:

Bitters Bottles Ink Wells
Insulators Pottery Beer and Ale Bottles
Mineral & Soda Water Bottles Wine Bottles
Whiskey Bottles Picnic Flask
Beer Bottles Patent & Proprietary Bottles
Sarsaparilla Bottles Fruit Jars
Food Bottles  Pickle Bottle
Pepper Sauce Bottles Salt Cellars
Cottage Cheese Bottle Perfume, Scent & Cologne Bottles
Bluing Bottles Blacking Bottles for Stoves
Snuff Bottles  Pottery Ink Containers


Many others


This is a very unique and beautiful display. Some of the bottles are opaque and green in color and some are amethyst in color. Through research we found the amethyst were all made before 1910.