General Land Office

Mobeetie, Texas, May 19, 1904.

Hon. Commissioner,
General Land Office,
Washington, D. C.

Sir: ---

Referring to letter "C", (H. W.), dated April 21, 1904, --- instructions to appraisers of Fort Elliott abandoned military reservation, Texas, ---we have the honor to transmit herewith our appraisement upon each forty acre tract, and the tracing of said military reservation sent us with instructions.

We began appraising Monday morning, May 16, 1904, and continued from day to day until Thursday, May 19, 1904, inclusive.

When the Fort Elliott abandoned military reservation was appraised first time, land around it could be purchased for $1.00 per acre. Since that time land has advanced and from $2.50 to $8.00 per acre is asked for land in that vicinity. At time of first appraisement the cattle business was practically the sole industry in that section and a water privilege was considered of first importance and value. Since then, and at present time, farming is being tried, and arable lands command the highest price. These explanations will account for apparent differences in valuations.

Your appraisers have placed what they consider a high valuation on the lands, even for present time, but the tendency of land values is upward and they believe, if sale is well advertised, local crop conditions favorable and terms are reasonable, that the land will bring appraised value.

On the NEl/4 SWl/4 Sec. 55, we found the old Fort Elliott flag staff standing. We appraised it at $7.50. Mr. John J. Long, one of the appraisers, desires very much to secure said flag staff in order to re-erect it in the town of Mobeetie, Texas, near the site of old Fort Elliott, as a memento of the old days, and says he will secure a regulation U. S. flag to fly from it.

On the NWl/4 NWl/4 Sec. 55, we found an old cemetery. The plat, about one acre extent, is inclosed with an iron post and barbed-wire fence. Said fence is quite probably the property of the United States and is of some value where it now stands, but is probably of no value to remove. Your appraisers deem it their duty to call especial attention to this cemetery. The remains of some ten or twelve citizens, employees at Fort Elliott, and the Indian Scouts, are still buried in said cemetery. The remains of soldiers buried there were removed under contract. Head boards and one marble slab show the following:

We respectfully recommend that one acre, or the plat of ground now inclosed by an iron post and wire fence for a cemetery, on NW1/4 NW1/4 Sec. 55, Block 5 A, H. & G. N. R. R. survey, Texas, be withheld from sale and reserved for a cemetery, or steps be taken to remove the remains now in said inclosure to some other cemetery.

NE1/4 NW1/4 Sec. 53, about 10 acres are broken out on north side and are now in cultivation. There is also a windmill on this tract that is the property of Stine Bros., Mobeetie, Texas.

On the NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec. 53, about 6 acres are broken out in north-west corner.

Respectfully submitted,

Luther M. Axline
John J. Long
John C. Jones

Appraisers in re-appraisement of Fort Elliott abandoned military reservation, Texas.

(Webmaster's note: When deed was executed no reservation of cemetery was included.)

Webmaster's note:  All spelling is true to the original documents.