Picture of the first post office in the Panhandle of Texas

In 1878, George A. Montgomery got up a petition to get a post office and got it signed up all right and sent it to the government- I, as postmaster of Sweetwater. But they could not grant the post office in the name of Sweetwater because there was already a Sweetwater in Nolan County. So we had to decide on another name, so I called a meeting of the people of the town. There was Henry Fleming, Joe Mason, Mark Huselby, W. H. Weed, W. L. R. Dickson, Tom O'Loughlin, Newt Locke, and others. We could not decide on a name, for some of them wanted one name and some another. Then W. L. R. Dickson suggested that we send to the fort and get one of the Indian scouts to come down to the town and give us an Indian name. So two Indians came with Billy Dixon as interpreter. They said "Mobeetie" was sweet water in Indian. So that is how the town was named. I sent in this name and got the first post office in the Panhandle. I was postmaster for about 8 years.

George A. Montgomery, Postmaster