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Barbed wire, careful now, don't git yorself cut!!

-- Posted by President on Sunday, November 30 2014

We have decided to only make a few changes to our exhibit on the second floor of the Jail building. It will mostly be related to the Red River Indian Wars and Ft. Elliott.

The large exhibit room in the Visitors Center will be devoted to exhibits related to the settlements of Mobeetie, starting with what we now call Hidetown, Old Mobeetie, and New Mobeetie. We need information about the names of buildings(stores), their locations, streets, lots, etc., names of owners or employees. We would like to construct maps showing where the various buildings were located up to the current owners. This could include pictures and any other memorabilia that would be helpful in this endeaver. We can make copies of pictures. Public assistance in providing the museum information or materials will be appreciated. Call (806) 845-2028 or come by the Visistor's Center, 310 O'Laughlin, Old Mobeetie.

Dates have been set for our 2015 Music Festival-July 24, 25, and 26.

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Barbed wire, careful now, don't git yorself cut!!

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