Adobe Walls by T. Lindsay Baker and Billy Harris
Battles of Red River Wars by Brett Cruse
Buffalo Days by J. Wright Mooar
Buffalo Hunting Era by Delbert Trew
Call of the Desert by Delbert Trew
Columbus' Cabin Boy -- A children's book
Cruising the Past On Route 66 by Delbert Trew
George Washington Arrington by Jerry Sinise
Here and Gone by Delbert Trew
Hides, Horns & Hopes by Vircie Dysart
It's All Trew by Delbert Trew
It's All Trew # 2 by Delbert Trew
It's All Trew # 3 by Delbert Trew
Kidnapped In The Red River War by Bob Izzard
Life of Billy Dixon by Olive K. Dixon
Randal S. Mackinzie on the Texas Frontier by Ernest Wallace
Romancing the Panhandle by Mariwyn Webb
Route 66 by Norman Dysart
Shot At by Bob Izzard
Silver Tip My Crippled Coyote -- A children's book
The Buffalo War by James L. Haley
The Demons of Los Alamos by Delbert Trew
The McLean POW Camp
The Mountain Boy -- A children's book
The RO Brand
The Texas Red River Country
Twice Told Tales of the Llano Estacado
More Book Selections

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