It's finally here!  The long awaited Mobeetie-opoly game brought to you by the OMTA and Pride Distributors.

     Find yourself a land baron on hotel row, own them all-- King Hotel, Huselby Hotel & Ranch, and Grand Central Hotel.

     Get a Mobeetie-opoly on one of the great blocks of cattle ranches, find yourself the owner of--Corcoran Ranch, Finsterwald Ranch, and Dunn Ranch.  Get those cattle up the Goodnight Trail before the winter storms set in or the renegades get 'em.  Get along you doggies!

     Build houses and hotels on your new property, but be careful you might have to mortgage!  Sometimes you have to draw a "Fate" or a "Poker Chip" card.  Doctor's Fee Pay $50.00!  Collect $50.00 From Every Player!  Advance To Temple Houston's Law Office!  Do Not Pass Start, Do Not Collect $300.00!  Only 3 spaces to Ring Town Saloon!

     After a long night at "Pink Pussycat Paradise Saloon" drinking sasparillas and listening to lots of stories, maybe you need to visit the medical office of Dr. H. C. Redding.

Every game is accompanied by its own summary of area history and other documentation.  Get it now while the Limited First Edition lasts!!

Mobeetie-opoly--The Game.

$20.00 US plus tax

Item Number: Mobeetie-opoly
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